Our Story

We have been in the US for more than a decade and the one thing that we miss the most with our morning cup of tea is Hindi music, obviously other than company of our family. So we started looking for options to connect to our roots through music and there came in Gaana, Saavn, Pandora and didn’t we love it??? However, we still missed those nostalgic voices of RJs like Ameen Sayani, Naved, Malishka. A thought sparkled…. why not bring our own Indian Radio Channel to the Music City?

We may not be able to bring the authentic voices of Ameen Sayani, Naved, Malishka but we can certainly bring back some memories and re-live the radio sessions that we enjoyed so much back in India in our own desi style. This is our infinitesimal effort to connect to different communities with each other through gup-shup and music, a platform for small businesses to reach out to the radio listeners with their customized service or products, spread the word for unique and interesting finds, updating you all with the latest trends, international and local news.

Tune in to brighten up your day with our customized music selection and some mirchi masala. We kick off the show with our all-time favorite, obviously the Bollywood music!!

We look forward to hear from you and expand our genres based on your requests and feedback.

Our RJs