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About Global Musical Icon 

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Northern Lights






Launched in 2018 in Nashville TN. First such Genuine Platform in North America promoting Talent around us Global Musical Icon was launched with a vision to provide scholarships to talented individuals. After the first successful Global Musical Icon 2018 in Nashville and 3 years of online version, Shuddh Desi Radio is has started the most entertaining and UNIQUE (a combination of online and In-person) version of GLOBAL MUSICAL ICON SEASON 5 in 2023​​​


  Season 6 is being revamped taking into account various feedback we received from participants from various cities and seasons.

 Global Musical Icon has been organized in different cities in various states. The registration   process is simplified. You select your nearest city and fill other fields required for your entry. 

There will be a panel of judges to evaluate the performances in various categories.

With renowned judges, and rocking participants like you this will be the MOST ICONIC TALENT COMPETITION OF THE AMERICA!!!

Global Musical Icon Season 6 Format 

Global Musical Icon (GMI) Season 6 follows the UNIQUE competition format. 

There are 2 parts of this competition.

1. Public Choice Round - In the Public Choice portion of the competition, participant will submit a 3 min video of their performance and that video will be posted on Shuddh Desi Radio's social media platforms. Participant's job is to share their video on social media and get maximum likes and views. This will allow the general public to weigh in on their performance in the form of likes and views of such social media post. And the combined total of number of likes and views will be part of the consideration for the winner of the Public Choice Round of specific category and age group.

 2. FINALE ROUND -  Where the finalists will perform LIVE on the stage in front of judges and audience on the actual competition day in their respective city.

 As a result, in this unique format of the competition, there will be 1 winner from Public Choice round and 1 winner from the judges points  in each talent category in each age group.


Please see Judging Criteria page for more info.


*Rules applied. Please check the Rules section for more information. 

  • Global Musical Icon Season 6 Talent Categories 

    • Voice (Hindi, Regional, English),

    • Musical Instruments, 

    • Dance, 

    • Public Speaking

  • 3 age groups- 

    • Junior (5 to 10 years)

    • Youth (11 to 18 years)

    • Senior (19 years and above)

  • Public Speaking Topics :- Junior age group

  1. What country do you want to visit and Why?

  2. What is your favorite movie and why?

  3. A Visit to a Magical Land. (Describe a fictional adventure to a magical or imaginary place, using creativity and vivid language.

  4.  Tell us about your most prized possession. (Share why a particular toy or game is your favorite and what makes it special.)

  5. My Best Friend. (Talk about your best friend, what you enjoy doing together, and why they are special to you.)

  • Public Speaking Topics :-Teen age group 

  1. The Impact of Literature and Reading on Teenagers. (Share your favorite books and discuss the benefits of reading in terms of personal development and empathy.)

  2. Impact of social media on Mental Health and well being. ( Discuss the positive and negative effects of social media on teen life, mental health, and relationships.)

  3. Gender Equality and Empowerment (Explore the importance of gender equality and empowerment, both in personal relationships and society at large.)

  4. Peer Pressure and Decision-Making. (Address the challenges of peer pressure and provide strategies for making positive choices.)

  5. Cybersecurity and Online Safety for Teens. (Discuss about the potential risks of online activities and provide tips for staying safe on the internet.)

  • There will  be 1 Winner in each age group in each talent category.

  • There will be1 Public Choice Winner in each age group in each category.

  • Total 5 judges (Depending on the number of Participants) 

 *EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION PRICE ends 30 days after the announcement of GMI for your city

   Check the schedule for the timeline. 

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