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Judging Criteria

VOICE/SINGING (Solo or Group)
  • Each Performance solo or group will be judged based on

  • The Vocal Range (wide range of vocal tones is used or not)

  • Harmonization (key is correct throughout the song, Rhythm accuracy)

  • The Vocal Quality (choice of song as per voice quality, pronunciation, expression)

  • The Subtext (how well the singer is able to communicate the story behind the song)

  • Presence and communication

INSTRUMENTS (Solo or Group)
  • Each Performance solo or group will be judged based on

  • Technical Excellence (wide range of tones is used or not)

  • Tone (key is correct throughout the song, Rhythm accuracy)

  • Intelligent and Informed Interpretative decisions (transformations those are done are precise, correct metronome is used)

  • Presence and communication

DANCE (Solo or Group)
  • Each Performance solo or group will be judged based on

  • Technique (precision and understanding of technique)

  • Performance (Your footwork, the balance of the body, turns, spins, movement of hands and arms)

  • Musicality/Timing (Timing on beats both fast and slow beats in steps)

  • Choreography

  • Presence and communication

  • For Public Choice round, participant will select a topic given by the organizers according to their age group. 

  • Video limit is 1 min. For Finale Round you can have the same topic or choose a new topic

  • from the list. Time limit for Finale round is 3 min.

  • Each Performance will be judged based on

  • Poise (General appearance, confidence, posture, gesture)

  • Speech Material Selection (age appropriate topic)

  • Voice quality (Voice modulation, Fluency)

  • Content (Speech Material, Pronunciation, Use of Language)

  • Presence and Communication



  1. The participant or a group of participants will have to prepare and present a business proposal which will include a presentation

  2. A panel of judges will individually score a performance based on the rubric.

  3. The time limit for each presentation should be minimum 3 mins and maximum 5 min

  4.  Judges decisions will be absolutely final.

  5. Scores will not be revealed.

  6.  The rubric which will be followed for evaluation will be as follows...

  • Purpose/Inspiration behind the business 

  •  Name of the business 

  •  Logo 

  •  Tag Line 

  •  Target Audience 

  •  Marketing Plans 

  •  Cost of products/Services 

  •  Who are your competitors 

  • Expected Challenges 

  • Execution Plan 

Sample Video Link-

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