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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it online or in-person competition?
    This is in-person competition happening in various cities in USA.
  • Do I have to fill separate forms for different categories?
    No, fill only one form for one participant entering in multiple categories. You are allowed to choose more than one category for one participant. For example, John wants to participant in Voice (English) and Instrument, only one form needs to be filled with 2 categories - Voice English and Instrument.
  • Can I fill the entry for my 2 kids in one form?
    There should be separate forms if they are participating individually. If they are participating in group then they can fill one form.
  • Will there be difference in fees for filling separate forms or combined form?
    The fees is calculated per category. There is multiple category discount that is applied if one participant is participating in multiple categories. You can avail family discount if multiple family members are participating in different categories and filling different forms.
  • Is finale happening online or in-person?
    Global Musical Icon Season 4 is happening in-person same as GMI Season 1. Find your nearest city and you can participate in the competition.
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