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Terms & Conditions

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  1. Shuddh Desi Radio, LLC (referred to as Shuddh Desi Radio) is not responsible for and shall not be held liable for

        (a) lost, late, delayed, damaged, incomplete, illegible, unintelligible, or misdirected entries;

(b) telephone, electronic, hardware or software program, network, Internet, or computer malfunctions, failures, or difficulties of any kind;

(c) failed, incomplete, partial, garbled, or delayed computer transmissions;

(d) any condition caused by events beyond the control of the Shuddh Desi Radio that may cause the competition to be disrupted;

(e) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the competition;

(f) any claims, suits, actions, liabilities, injuries, losses, or damages of any kind in connection with the competition or resulting from acceptance, possession, or use of any prizes and awards. 

By entering this competition, each participant (referred to as entrant), parent or legal guardian (if such entrant is a minor) agrees to accept these rules and be bound by the decisions of Shuddh Desi Radio, its judges and staff, which are final and binding in all matters. 

  1. By selecting the checkbox, entrant is agreeing that they are 18 years of age and older. In case entrant is minor the agreement is entered by parent/legal guardian on behalf of the minor entrants.

  2. The entrant confirms that entrant will be responsible for any copyright issue/concern/objection about the song/lyrics/music/karaoke/track that they are using for Global Musical Icon Season 4 competition. The entrant indemnifies Shuddh Desi Radio and Global Musical Icon Season 4  from any Copyright issue of the song or other material. 

  3. The entrant agrees that entire material produced during Global Musical Icon Season 4 will be the exclusive property of Shuddh Desi Radio. 

  4. The organizers reserve the right to change/modify the rules, prizes and awards as it best fit the event and the contestants. If the number of entries on any category are less than 5, the organizers may decide to merge that category within the same age group.

  5. ​The entrant hereby grant to Shuddh Desi Radio and its successors, licensees and assigns, without charge or other compensation, the irrevocable exclusive right, but not the obligation, with or without entrant's knowledge, in perpetuity and throughout the universe, to film, tape and/or photograph, perform, record, exhibit, display, edit, distribute, sell and otherwise use entrants appearances, name, similarity, voice, vocals, conversations, sounds, signature, biographical data, and any information or materials provided by entrant to Shuddh Desi Radio in connection with and or ancillary to the Program or otherwise in any and all media, whether now known or subsequently devised hereinafter including, without limitation, in the Program, motion pictures, television, on the Internet, publishing, and recordings in connection with the advertising, sale, promotion, marketing, merchandising (including slot machines), distribution, publicizing and all other types of exploitation thereof, or in any manner whatsoever in the Producer’s sole discretion, or to refrain therefrom.  Shuddh Desi Radio shall also have the unrestricted right to edit the content and text of the Program as well as all film, tape, photography, recordings and my appearances thereon, in any manner or form. I further agree that the Producer is the sole owner of and may freely assign all results and proceeds of such film, tape, photography, recordings and my appearances thereon.

  6. Prize money is the total prize money and up to the amount mentioned. Sponsor of the video song holds the rights of eligibility criteria and is the responsible party to make the decision on who qualifies to be in the song.

All rules and regulations are governed on the basis of fairness, no bias etc and are subject to change without prior notice.​​​​

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