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REGISTRATION means paying the fees and making an entry in the competition as per eligibility criteria
SUBMISSION means submitting the video for Public Choice round
  • Anyone born on or before September 01, 2018 is eligible to participate in the competition.

  • GMI Season 4 competition is open for all ages (5+), sex, race, color, nationality. 

  • In case the participant is minor (less than 18 yrs of age), parents/legal guardian can register on their behalf.

  • Any participant can register in multiple talent categories​. Please see registration scenarios for clarification.

  • Your age group will be decided based on the age as of  Apr 01, 2023.

  • ​Participants need to pay the registration fee to enter in Global Musical Icon Season 5 Competition.

  • Competition Fee is non-refundable and is valid for the competition Year only.

  • Payment Gateway is PayPal. You can make the payment via Pay pal account or credit/debit card. 3% to 6% (approximately as per local laws) service fee will be charged by Pay Pal in addition to Competition fee.

  • There will be 10% volume discount if you choose multiple talent categories. 

  • Please visit Registration Page  for your registration /entry form.

  • Please complete all the fields on the form 

    • Select nearest city where you can travel for the competition,

    • First Name,

    •  Last Name,

    • Email,

    • Phone Number,

    • Address,

    • Birth Date  (mm/dd/yyyy format),

    • Profile picture,

    • Select Categories,

    • Select number of participants

    • Use Early bird Discount Code if applicable

  • Participants need to upload their High Definition profile picture (clearly showing your face), your picture will go on our website on GMI page

  • Once this information is selected, please click on the “Register Now” button to select the categories. 

  • Public Speaking Participant cannot be performed in Group.  

  • Clicking on "Register Now" button brings you on the check out page.

  • Select the payment card - VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER, MASTERCARD or PAYPAL .

  • You will finish your payment on PayPal Screen.

  • You will get the confirmation message about payment success.

  • You will receive a payment confirmation email. You will receive another email with your registration number. Keep this registration number safe, you will need this throughout the competition, for communicating with the organizers of this competition and subsequently to submit the video on submission form etc.

  •  Please check your spam folder and mark the sender of GMI email as trusted sender. 

  • Check city wise specific SCHEDULE for registration end date and competition date that is applicable for your place of competition e.g. Dallas, TX, Detroit, MI etc.

  • Once your registration is complete, you will receive Registration Number via email.

  • The first round of this competition is the Public Choice Round. Next step is to submit video for Public Choice Round. Go to Submission form and upload your video.

  • To get the Last date to submit the audition video, please check the SCHEDULE here.



    • ​ Every Participant must submit Video of not more than 60 seconds (1 minute)

    • Refer to Talent Category Rules to ensure that your entry is not rejected. 

    • Refer to Video Guidelines before shooting your video.

    • Only UNEDITED & ONE TAKE VIDEO would be considered. 

    • Participants must submit the videos as per SCHEDULE indicated here. Participants will be charged additional fee in case the deadline is missed and participant does not comply the indicated deadlines.

*Additionally, Public Choice round videos will be posted on Shuddh Desi Radio official social media accounts as per SCHEDULE indicated. After the video is posted on radio Facebook page, participants would need to LIKE and SHARE their videos from radio Facebook page to get more and more likes and views on their video which was originally shared from Shuddh Desi Radio FB page.


*Public Choice video from each category will be ranked in the descending order of Maximum LIKES AND Views (together). The likes and views together will be tracked from the posting time until the deadline* (please confirm this deadline for your city). 

*Likes and views will be counted on the videos shared from the Shuddh Desi Radio Facebook Page only.

Do not forget to Tag #ShuddhDesiRadio, #GlobalMusicalIconSeason4 and #GMISeason4 on your shares.


Voice Category Rules

  • Public Choice Round song video can be with or without music track. (No more than 1 min). On stage Live Finale performance must have an audio track. Singing on tanpura, harmonium is allowed. Time limit is 3 min for Finale performance.

  • Hindi and Regional categories are combined for competition.

  • Classical, Semi- Classical, Bollywood, Devotional etc. all the styles are welcome.

  • Voice English is a separate category.

  • It is ok to use Third party app like Smule for Karaoke as long as in the video the third party branding is not shown.

  • Please follow general video guidelines mentioned below while recording.

Dance Category Rules

  • Public Choice Round Dance video time limit is No more than 1 min. On stage Live Finale performance time limit is 3 min.

  • All the dance forms are welcome: Classical, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Folk etc.

  • Please follow general video guidelines mentioned below while recording.

Instruments  Category Rules

  • Public Choice Round Dance video time limit is No more than 1 min. On stage Live Finale performance time limit is 3 min.

  • Indian and Western all the  instruments are welcome. (Band performance is a good option in this category.)

  • There can be audio track in the background or individual instrument can be played itself.

  • Please follow general video guidelines mentioned below while recording.


Public Speaking Category Rules

  • For Public Choice Round, select the topics from the given list according to your age group: Participants can choose the same topic for Finale round or pock a different topic from the given list. Any other topic apart from the list is NOT ALLOWED.

    • Junior age group Topics :-

      1. If you were to write a book for kids of your age to read, what would it be about?

      2.  If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

      3. Tell us why too much TV is bad for your health 

      4. The best part about living on Earth. 

    • Teen age group Topics :-

  1. High-paying job or a fun job: which one to choose and why?

  2. What is the impact of cellphone use on our physical and mental health? 

  3. Should Teens tell their parents everything?

  4. Why should we recycle and reuse not only on Earth Day but everyday?

  • Time Limit is no more than 1 min for Public Speaking in Public Choice Round. On stage Live Finale performance time limit is 3 min.


Please check Schedule Page for Finale Round dates for your respective cities.

  • All Participants would perform in the final round of their talent category on the date of the actual competition IN PERSON. The performance cannot be more than 3 minutes (start to finish). Any set up time for the performance, would not be considered towards the performance time of 3 minutes. Any extra seconds will cause 3 point penalty.

  • Voice and Dance category participants will send their Finale performance audio tracks (no more than 3 mins) to Shuddh Desi Radio, more information will be provided on how and where to send on a closer date.

  • Instruments performance can have an audio track or the instrument can be played by itself. Both the options are ok.

  • There are points for dressing (Presence and Communication). So please make sure that you are dressed appropriately. There is nothing like overdressed in the competition. Especially if you are dancing please make sure you are wearing the right dress code. For example, do not wear jeans for Bharatanatyam performance. 

  • Public Speaking participants can mention their registration # and name on the stage. Participants can choose the same topic for Finale round or pick a different topic from the given list. Any other topic apart from the list is NOT ALLOWED. ( Please refer to Public Speaking Category Rules for the topics.)

  • Your Finale performance can be the same as in the Public Choice round. Only variable in the Finale Performance round is the length of this performance and its in PERSON.

  • You cannot change your category even if the categories are combined - for example, if you did Voice Hindi in the Public Choice round you need to do Voice Hindi in the Finale round, you cannot do Voice English. 

  • Entrepreneurship participants will get up to 5 mins to show their presentation on the stage. Please see Judging Criteria for more info. (Location specific)


Video Quality is a major judgment criterion for online judgement. Participants must follow the following guidelines:

  • Video should be good quality.

  • Video should be recorded in LANDSCAPE MODE. ( HORIZONTAL if recording from phone)

  • No effects or VFX should be added to the video.

  • Video should be in MP4 or .mov format.

  • The video should be recorded with a good camera and ample light.

  • The video should be shot in one take.

  • NO EDITING: Video should not be manipulated or edited in any manner. Any video found manipulated/edited will be rejected without any explanations to the participant.

  • The video should not exceed the given time for specific use.

  • Shuddh Desi Radio recommends that participants send the latest recordings and not the old recordings.


 Please refer to Judging Criteria mentioned on Judges Page. Please note that Judges decision and their grading will be final. No complaint will be entertained in any form or fashion prior or after the announcement of results.

Video Guidelines
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