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Shuddh Desi Radio

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What we do?



“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey

There is no better way to bring you the songs from Indian Cinema and Music Albums with some knowledge. The time of missing radio from India is gone now. You can listen to Shuddh Desi Radio anytime, anywhere.

We are mainly an internet streaming radio that streams Bollywood music and Indian regional music, we also cover events that relate to Indian Culture (desi) and Indian art form or events that are near and dear to you in your local community. We bring on our radio shows and guests of locally, internationally renowned artists, doctors, educators, administrators, politicians, political candidates etc. We are always looking for feedback to continuously improve our programs. Please go to Contact Us and send us your feedback.

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India is a country of rich culture where people of more than one religious cultures lives together. The property of togetherness among people of various cultures and traditions has made India, a unique country. In India, the language changes every 50 miles. With such diversity in language it is difficult to cover the culture of the country in just one language.

Shuddh Desi Radio recognizes the fact that musical and cultural heritage of India that dates back to several centuries need to be presented in different languages. This is why there is regional segment in different languages. We are adding one language every month so stay tuned to see what is new.



We are continuously working in bringing new shows where local talent can be promoted. We brought the programs with local singers, programs where RJs were kids. Look out for our blogs to know what new talent shows are coming in the town. 

Our Story

Our Story



We have been in the US for more than a decade and the one thing that we miss the most with our morning cup of tea is Hindi music, obviously other than company of our family. So we started looking for options to connect to our roots through music and there came in Gaana, Saavn, Pandora and didn’t we love it??? However, we still missed those nostalgic voices of RJs like Ameen Sayani, Naved, Malishka. A thought sparkled…. why not bring our own Indian Radio Channel to the Music City?

We may not be able to bring the authentic voices of Ameen Sayani, Naved, Malishka but we can certainly bring back some memories and re-live the radio sessions that we enjoyed so much back in India in our own desi style. This is our infinitesimal effort to connect to different communities with each other through gup-shup and music, a platform for small businesses to reach out to the radio listeners with their customized service or products, spread the word for unique and interesting finds, updating you all with the latest trends, international and local news.

Tune in to brighten up your day with our customized music selection and some mirchi masala. We kick off the show with our all-time favorite, obviously the Bollywood music!!

Meet The Team

Aniruddha Sathe


 My love and passion for Music is endless. In early school days, I used to sing at many of events at my school and did get a chance to perform a live music program on television “Doordarshan”, but with the studies and IT career, never really got an opportunity to pursue this singing talent and slowly became “Kaansen” (than being “Taansen”) by listening to music. After moving to the US, I noticed that I was not the only one who was missing the music, the Radio experience from back home. With that drive to create the Radio experience for the Desi Diaspora here and with a larger intent to knit the community together and provide them infotainment options, I met an equally passionate partner and co-founded Shuddh Desi Radio!

Shalini Dixit


The pathway was not there but I still chose to walk on it. The reason was unknown, the target was not so clear but my curiosity to see the end of the tunnel led me to follow the path. I am a Gen X child born in a small town in Southeast Asia. I was growing with a normal aspiration that a girl of that generation could have. However, the aspirations started taking shape and I realized in my journey one could be successful when they follow their passion. Between the home maker, teacher and corporate job my hunger of following my passion of singing took ultimate shape when I decided to start my own Radio Station - Shuddh Desi Radio. I wanted to share the joy of music, give the platform to others to express themselves to the whole world without being judged. I love Rjing and I have connected with 45000 listeners through my 700 hrs of radio shows so far.

RJ Prtyk


Hey! this is Rj Prtyk. Engineer by profession, an entertainer by birth. I find immense happiness when even my most subtle gesture makes someone laugh. Ex model, dancer, nature lover. Main lekar araha hu “chai hour” – magic door to india. Karenge chai ke sath baton he baton me India ki sair. Catch me up only on shudh desi radio. Your promise to connect I promise to entertain(jude rehne ka wada apka entertainment ka wada mera).



RJ Nikky is a chirpy 14-year-old teenager born and brought up in Bloomington, Illinois – the land of the cornfields. She is an aspiring singer who has always had a passion for performing on the stage ever since she could remember.  She thrives on creativity and also loves audio and video production

RJ Aparna

Conversations With Mom

I am a mom of two beautiful daughters. I have lived in Atlanta for 20+ years. I am a small business owner and love doing arts. I also enjoy chatting with friends and family. Doing this show with gives my daughters and I a great opportunity to have important conversations and get even closer.

promo pic episode 4_edited.jpg
RJ Akanksha


Akanksha is a highschool teenager following her passion of communication with her show 'Spilling the Chai' where she highlights and discusses local personalities and their work.

My Pic with Intro for SDR_edited.jpg
RJ Meenu


I am a golden girl with many beautiful memories, A retired Hindi teacher from Riyadh (KSA) and Dubai (UAE), A mother of two handsome boys who have left the nest and I'm enjoying my time with my husband in Dubai. I love reading, writing, singing and making friends from all over world.

I have challenged myself to accept this new and exciting opportunity to be an RJ on Shuddh Desi Radio in USA. Listen to my show Magical Melodies every Monday.

RJ Devi

Tamil Talkies

It is very hard to take the Indian out of me. I love anything that takes me back to

my roots. My life is centered around my 7-year-old son. I am currently the Director of Provider Technology for a fortune 7 company. Super passionate about what I do. Although in executive management, always an entry- level engineer by heart. I am a minimalist in the making. I am an animal rights activist and hence a vegetarian. I completely avoid leather products and silk sarees.

RJ Sumana


I bridge the gap and become the voice!! I walk the runways and showcase fashion! Yes, two in one that’s me!! I started as an Economics student in (Silchar) India continued my education in the U.S, and now work as a Professional Interpreter, and moonlight as a fashion model.

RJ Ketki

Conversations With Mom

I am a 23 year old Project Manager at a tech company. I have lived in the Atlanta area for almost my whole life. I am passionate about music and love learning how to cook. We have a family dog named Jamie. I enjoy doing editing work for our radio show and spending time with

my mom and my sister.


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