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Battle of the giants: Radio vs Streaming Channels

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Battle of the giants: Radio vs Streaming Channels

Shuddh Desi Radio tells you Shuddh reasons to continue listening to radio in the time of streaming channels.

Streaming channels. Stream. Channels. Do you realize that the two words, so completely opposite in their meaning, have come together to give us technology that is obliterating any connection we had with the good old days? Endless ads, impersonal voices reading pre-written scripts that dictate the decree of their bosses: how is that ever compatible with the purity that is music?

Yes, we know it is technological advancement that has brought us here, and it is supposed to be more convenient and accessible etc. etc.

But we know one thing—nostalgia has the trump card in matters of the heart and the mind.

The nostalgia an RJ invokes when they speak to you as if they have known you forever can never be replaced by the annoying ads you get on streaming channels nowadays. Listening to the soothing and real voices of our RJs bring you the fresh start you need to your mornings.

Imagine listening to Hindi radio channels in USA on your commute to work: what screams Shah Rukh Khan in Pardes more than this? To throw in a bonus, you can request “I Love My India” on your desi radio channel in Dallas and we’ll play it for you to amplify the feeling!

Sipping tea with Kishore Sahab playing on the radio, reading the morning newspaper and remembering the feeling of watching DDLJ for the first time ever—can you imagine such a joyful yet simple moment?

While technology has given us the solutions we need, it has also taken away the excitement the unknown brought. Listening to Radio brings the spontaneity one requires in life, especially with music! When your favorite Bollywood bop plays on Shuddh Desi Radio unexpectedly, the joy it makes one feel is unparalleled. At one moment, you're dancing to Disco Dancer and the very next, you're swaying to Lata Ji's Lag Ja Gale.

Moreover, don't we all pine after human connection? Despite growing communitarian understanding, it can feel a bit alienating to be away from everything that makes India India. But music holds the power to unite and connect unlike anything else.

Radio communities, especially Indian Radio stations in USA , give you the opportunity to build connections with others passionate about music just like you! Live online radio, with local talent featured from time to time along with regional programmes in languages like Kannada, Tamil and Marathi and more-- a small part of what we, as a community, are about.

As a world, we have resolved to move forward, as we should, but remembering the past with fondness has its own charm, because of which it is vital to keep radio alive and thriving. Join us as we grow this community into one that espouses love while dancing to Bappi Lehri and other musical tunes!

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